I have found one of the many imperfect translations that sadly are as yet the only scraps left from the Ofuye texts in the Z24 caves. The anonymous writers are of questionable reliability since the smuggled scraps have been through many unsavory hands. However, we have established a few analytical tools to judge the validity of a few isolated segments that may help us in the future when we recover the main English derivative text. Of course, even that text, if we should find it, is written at the lowest meaning density for the Utd’mbts language.
    However, I will begin with a few speculative concepts that may have some relationship with low-level meanings formerly used as training tools for children. I will try to re-construct a syntax that might seem a reasonable match to the scraps that are available.
    If a useful communication experiment can be developed for a small group of subjects, then the ultimate quality of the communication will decide whether a further Proof of Concept (Poc) study should be undertaken.
    Perhaps, the play-within-a-play aspect might be a useful starting point. Beginning this task has produced a great deal of anxiety within me. The actual isolated steps of this type of task are not ever inherently anxiety producing. There is a concept-word for this in the Utd’mbts language. The exact vocabulary for this concept has not yet been recovered. I propose describing each purported concept and assigning a code number to it until a name-label can be coined. Thus, a newly created language will be created, and its functionality will be compared to the actual language if examples of it are later discovered in any of the other archeological sites.
    I will attempt a definition of the task-anxiety cluster of words in my next essay. Ironically, experiencing the various forms of anxiety may help me to define the appropriate proposed concepts for the PoC design.

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