Fen and Petals (2)

He’s dark,

Fensitively playful
he’s a son of a bitch
golden, but he has
wild plays
barked upon the field stage
with romping floppy ears
and a dear puppy attitude
retrieving a Labradorean
heritage cool

His Father it is said
was a shepherd who liked lamb chops,
but then in fending for himself

Fen will some day
wolf down Wiener schnitzel
romping with élan and bark

Sister Petals is a dog too
whose nickname is Flower Child,
but she knows she’s a dog
because she knows
how to fight Fen
with gentle teeth-to-teeth,
mouth-to-mouth, and
the canine literati
call her a wag, but

though play is like an apéritif,
lately, he’s been of-Fen-sive
getting under Petals’ belly
and knocking her over; oh no,
but she’s learned a de-Fen-se:
a self-imperative,”Petals down”

Soon dog treats are found, they
bounding into the kitchen


7 thoughts on “#NationalDogDay For Fen & Petals August 26

  1. I love this one soo much! And so do Fen and Petals. I bought them a double split-leash that makes it easier to walk them both at the same time, so they don’t get twisted up. We
    tried it out today and I think it worked great. Fen also seemed more relaxed because Petals was there. Have you been doing Ok?

    1. Thanks. It’s odd I suddenly saw that it was “National Dog Day.” They didn’t do much advertising so I almost missed it. Thanks Fen and Petals. That’s great that they have special leashes — that’s always a comedy bit in movies where the leashes get all tangled up.
          I’m OK. I’m probably going to get a lease renewal because they passed some new law saying that a relative can take over and they can’t convert the apartment to condo and I can keep renting. So I can stay but I just can’t eat. But my Nephew says he can figure something out. In the meantime he took some papers I gave him proving residence to their lawyer. One silly piece of evidence I gave them was my royalty tax report from the book company for 2015 which was something like $12 for the year — but it was mailed to my address, so it’s evidence.

  2. Hi Doug, I love this poem! Really wonderful! I am still trying to figure out how to reblog a piece. Do you do that through the WordPress press this button. I tried to google how to do it but the explanation didn’t make sense to me. Where did you see a Reblog button?

    1. Thanks Laura. I think I see the problem. So first, let’s assume that you’re logged into your website. On a new tab go to my Website. When you go to a post there’s no re-blog button visible. First you have to click on “comments” as if you want to make a comment (you don’t have to make a comment, but you want to get to the next screen. When you get there, the re-blog button will be with the other sharing buttons.

      Click on the re-blog button and it will list your website where you want it re-blogged.

  3. Thanks, Doug! I took a deep breath and tried it. It worked. Wonders will never cease. It’s been a day fraught with a morning panic session–what to do, what to do, write this write that, so many projects, so many start up drafts, why should I write doesn’t matter no one cares, got to do something, my mind will explode. Finally picked a project, sat down and did something. Now the sun is shining and things are looking up!

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