Tus poj niam quaj qw rau hauv dej hiav txwv lub npe ntawm tus txiv neej nws nyiam.
Tus poj niam muaj mob caj pas.
Tus ntsuj uas hais lus qhov tseeb txav deb.

Cov dej ntawm tus hma.
Cov ntsa ntxhua tus ntug dej los ntawm kev kho siab*
The woman screamed in the sea the name of the man she liked.
The woman has sore throat.
The soul who speaks truth moves away.

The waters of the wolf.
The walls of the washbasin are made of loneliness

*this is so weird —
Loneliness is translated as “Kev kho siab”
which seems to mean “experience of tall maintenance”

Loneliness — Kev kho siab

Kev — Experience

kho (verb) — (fix it, arrange, cure, mend, solve)
kho (adjective) — correct
kho (noun) — cure, maintenance

siab — tall, high

3 thoughts on “Ntxhua Khaub Ncaws (Hmong) … (Wash Clay Kick — Dirty Laundry??)

  1. According to the translator, maybe, the language won’t allow you to feel loneliness without telling you that you must cure yourself. If that’s what it is, it seems very pushy. They don’t want you to just be sad because they expect you to clean the house or wash the clothes in the river or something and you’re not allowed to have pure feelings? I guess there’s something fundamentally wrong with the computer translator or the robot has no feelings?

  2. The Hmong language is a musical language. It depends on how you say it and when, it has 8 tones. Where one word can mean something, putting in one or more can mean something totally different. Gotta love Google!

    1. That’s very interesting, thank you. I’ve heard about tone in Chinese also being very important. I’ve heard the story of Americans in China in the 1930’s trying to be big shots at restaurants by thinking they can speak the language and having all kinds of faux pas. One example is trying to order an egg or eggs and actually saying, “I would like a prostitute for breakfast.”
          The thing about Google is that it’s OK to make mistakes but when someone points it out they refuse to fix it. They ask for feedback but they don’t actually listen. They still translate the word “Owl” into a Maori word that means “Murderer” and in Maori they have lots of words for “owl” that have no connotation at all about “Murder”.
          I keep finding inconsistencies, but the important point is that they refuse to fix anything. When they ask for feedback, apparently there is no human who reads it. They seem to have some sort of algorithm that waits for a million complaints before taking action and then is basing it on some sort of consensus. That’s totally ridiculous. One would think that the thing to do is to consult with actual human native speakers and just ask them rather than gather written samples of gossip and hearsay.

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