Traditionally I should say, “Coming SOON to a bookstore near you, the fabulous last in the series: “Gifjapegadoodle Abstracts 3”, but 6-8 weeks after approval appearing on Amazon is not exactly SOON, and I may not do it at all. I may try a private offering to the secret elite only and have no public appearance. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. And it’s probably going to have an outrageous price tag…. I think since it’s going to be 0 sales, it might as well be 0% of a very high price rather than 0% of a very low price… It’s all in the prestige and sales of the the bobble dolls, keyrings, and T-shirts and U-shirts, and Z-shirts — super extra-large red only to be used as a table cloth or a matador’s cape.


Blue Salvia by: Dandegirl 

Isn’t this Blue Salvia bloom that’s growing in my front flower bed just gorgeous? I personally think it looks more purple than blue in color though.  Perhaps the name is actually referring to its mood and it’s just been feeling a little down lately.  It’s been a tough summer, ya know? Trying to see the world and grow into something magnificent but unable to move from the Earth its roots have grown strong in.  I suppose it’s best to bloom as beautifully and colorfully as one can in the short season of life that we have, even if we’re a little blue most of the time. 

Z Abstract Gif

It might be finished enough as a Gif to convert it to an Avi video so my camera program can further edit. I’ll see if it’s going to be adequate. The resolution might be too low to do it, but I’ll see. Maybe I took it up and back from video to gif and back again too many times… I don’t know… I always get something wrong in each format but my art program has a different editing system from the camera system… and each has its different faults and inspirations…