4 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Hmm…i thought i commented on this. I must’ve been dreaming or something. But this abstract photo is awesome! I love all the lines and movement to it…it makes the people’s faces really stand out. If i let my imagination wonder i can pretend it’s an alienate dimension in some sci fi movie. What an interesting, yummy lunch!

    1. I’m going to take one of the abstracts and have a gilceé made. It’s supposed to be a higher quality printing process onto canvas. I think I’ll make a 16 X 20 inch ‘painting’… well I hope it looks like a painting or if not I can paint a little over it with acrylics to give it thicker bumps or something. I don’t know…

      1. That sounds like it’ll be awesome. I hope it turns out to look like a real painting. If not I’m sure your painting touch ups will make it look really cool…

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