Elephant Ear Water Droplets 

by Dandegirl


8 thoughts on “Elephant Ear Water Droplets 

    1. Excellent. Very interesting. I like how the drops have captured reflections. Is that a railing and windows in the drop reflections? I’ve never heard of an “elephant eat” plant. It sounds like the play “A Little Shop of Horrors.” It’s hard to imagine a plant big enough to eat an elephant. Oh, I see there are reflections of other drops in the big drop. The picture is a great confirmation of the actual shape of a real rain drop.

  1. Giggling at my comment up there… it’s supposed to say. “I love the way the water beaded up on my elephant ear plant” I need to start double checking better that my phone hasn’t sabotaged my words, haha!
    Yes, there’s the deck railings in there and there’s chairs, which make the square window shapes around their edges. I was off to the side with my arm held over the bead of water, so i think that reflection in the middle is my hand holding my phone over it. That eye is mysterious….hmmm?

    1. It could be a Columbo story: He calls a radio station to find out what time the rain fell because he sees something in a rain drop photo — a picture of a suspect in the garden at a particular time across from a porch… aha! The cardinal did it…

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