Too Late for “The Lost Canon”: You missed it.

Sorry you missed it. You could have gotten it for free. Oh well. Too late now.


5 thoughts on “Too Late for “The Lost Canon”: You missed it.

    1. Thanks. I’m thinking of putting together an abstract photo book. It’s odd but the only kind of book with a color interior that they will distribute on all the web book sellers is soft cover 8 1/2 X 8 1/2… Maybe I’ll re-size to that… I’m also curious to see what the photo to canvas printers can do… it looks like from the way they describe it that it’s not going to look like a painting…

      1. I have an app called Chatbooks that prints my Instagram and Facebook photos every time I get 60 photos added. It’s pretty cheap too but you probably can’t list that to distribute with the web book sellers. I’ve seen those photos to canvas, they’re pretty cool but they really just look exactly like the photo but on canvas. I took a couple macro photos after the big storm we had yesterday… nothing too great but I got some nice water droplets.

    2. Water droplets can be very interesting. I remember a long time ago they were talking about how they did animations at Disney. When they first started, the animations of water drops kept looking wrong. So they took slow-motion movies of water drops and found out that they weren’t drawing all the details correctly: a drop falls into water and the splash looks like a crown. It’s not uniform at all. And I think it was that after the splash crown came up out of the water that parts of the crown formed little mini-droplets that fell back down into the water. I don’t remember now, but I think the artists had to draw all the details, one frame at a time, in order for the splash to look right at full speed. But in those days, the artists had no computers to help them and they had to draw each frame by hand. I think they checked the smoothness of the animation by flipping the sheets of paper by hand as they were drawing or using plastic overlays(?), but they did that as a first approximation before filming each sheet with an overhead film camera, one frame at a time.

      1. I’ve seen how they did animations, so cool! I bet it took forever to make a while movie! I mean, even drawing a water drop had to take so long. But I like the old style of animation. The computerized style looks nice too, but you can definitely tell a difference between the two.

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