3 thoughts on “Crowd

    1. Thanks. I hope this is going to print OK. Doing these is a slow chore for me even though the computer and my photos do most of the work. I think it is that I need at least 38 photos as a minimum to make a book. Maybe I’ll just throw in a poem as a photo or on top of a photo. But most of the photos I’ve made are irrelevant to any of the poems I have. I guess I should keep going with photos and then search for relevant poems later. It’s just that I want enough pages so they will show me a print-ready pdf file so I can see if this is going to work. After I see a mock-up I’ll be able to see if I’m formatting correctly and if the detail on the photos is adequate. I’ve been uploading a few photos at a time. I hope I’m not wasting my time. I seem to remember that when I was doing an ordinary book I was able to upload a title page file, a few pages of main text, and mock index, and was able to go to the next step and make cover pictures etc. and then see a mock-up to get an idea if it was working right and then go back and finishing writing the real pages etc. This one is different — when I try to go to the next step it says, “Can’t make. You don’t have the minimum pages for this type of binding…” Well yeah, I know, but I’ll go back later and upload more files like I used to. But no, it says, “You need to upload more files…” It’s helping me, it thinks.

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