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This is your last chance to buy “The Lost Canon of Douglas Gilbert” for free from AppleTM iBooksTM
The Lost Canon

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Canon

  1. I had to find my way through Apple’s security maze in order to access my acct. After many failed attempts, I’m happy to say that I finally succeeded and was able to get my iPad signed back in to download my copy. Yay!!! It looks awesome!

    1. Thanks very much. It’s good to know it displays OK. I downloaded a copy a long time ago onto my iPod touch music thing with a tiny screen but even there it looked OK. It’s good to know that the formatting is working on other Apple equipment. I put that one up maybe a year ago or maybe longer with no action except for one or two. I’m glad you could get it before the change. I’ve told them to raise the price to 1 Million dollars, also it’ll be on Amazon at a Million dollars or maybe $999 — I’m not sure if they have a limit. But anyway, it’s just to try to get attention and there are other normal copies under other titles. I decided to try it after I got really mad because I saw in the newspaper some abstract art work that was sold for 2.8 Million dollars and I’m thinking, how do they come up with this amount. The article was discussing how the artist manipulates the galleries or something. But it wasn’t that great — I’ve seen fantastic abstract art that doesn’t sell and a black dot on a blank white canvas that does. I don’t get it. So anyway, when the change goes through I only have to sell ONE. Yes, I know, “When Pigs Fly.” But I’ve bought a plane ticket for a pig because someone wants deluxe bacon… I think “Arnold the pig” from Green Acres is flying home in first class. I hope the right person meets him at the airport who wants him as a pet and not for dinner. But the poor fellow with the ride might have a nagging wife at home who says, “You must bring home the bacon.”

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