based on photos by Dandegirl


3 thoughts on “r (2)

  1. Oh geez. I lightened the bottom part because when WordPress adds the white title over the picture it darkens the background on the the bottom so that the title will be readable. But in the body of the post the bottom is now too light. I forgot I have to make two different versions — one for the box and one for the body of the post…. Oh well, when I have some words to add maybe I’ll do that.

  2. Hmmm, the title overlay only happens when you go to comments. In the general posts in the list of latest posts there is no title overlay. What a quandary.

  3. The only time i see the title overlay on the photo is on the reader/ new posts page. But I’m using the WordPress app on my phone. My computer is in rough shape and I hardly ever use it anymore. I think the picture looks awesome! I love all the colors you added, it looks magical…

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