Cloudy Splash Sky ~~ by Dandegirl

photo by Dandegirl


8 thoughts on “Cloudy Splash Sky ~~ by Dandegirl

  1. I thought it was pretty because there’s layers of clouds. I took this while waiting for my son and his best friend to come out of band camp. Oh, did I tell you that he switched to playing Tuba and Sousaphone? He likes it even better than the trumpet. Interesting noises have been coming out of his computer/ music room…

    1. It looks like a painting on canvas with spokes outward from a vanishing point, and two jets passing each other.
          Oh Tuba. I remember there was a Tuba solo on a Bonnie and Delaney song “Free the People” :
      Delaney & Bonnie & Friends – Free the People – YouTube

      1. Somehow I lost a comment. I thought I added an additional one. Yikes, maybe i typed it in and got distracted and didn’t push “Post”. I don’t know, but anyway, what I said was “Oooops, I guess that’s not really a solo, but I noticed that on google under “Tuba Solo” they have actual tuba solos — a lot of classical ones except that they mostly don’t look like the gigantic tubas I remember. They have little ones that have higher notes. I seem to remember the big ones were deep and strong enough to knock down walls or something…

      2. My son’s tuba is a gigantic one! It took up the entire back seat of my car when we brought it home. We rent it from the school, for 80.00 (for the year) he has a tuba to keep at home and one at school and also a sousaphone for marching band (those are big too! He said like 50 or 60 pounds!) I thought it was funny because they called the tuba section “heavy metal” but then he played some dark, heavy sounding music and it really is like the heavy metal instrument in the band (weight and sound wise). Those smaller ones that play higher notes are actually called Euphoniums, they’re kinda like a baritone Tuba instead of the bass sound. I started my son on private lessons with an instructor that comes to his school so he can catch up quickly to the rest of the band since he’s new on that instrument. But that teacher also gives lesson for the Euphonium (that’s how I know what it is).

    2. There are a lot of white splashes. I wonder what they are if not clouds… I saw some faces in the sky and wanted to emphasize them but I kept changing colors until I ruined the colors. I made a mess and started over a few times but came up with mud. Too bad I can’t paint or draw…

      1. Oh that looks awesome! I wish the sky really did have those colors in it. I see some faces too. I always love looking at the sky and looking for shapes in the clouds. Yeah those white splashes are just some little clouds. I thought it looked really cool beast there was different colors and shaped clouds all at once. Like the sky couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to do.

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