Cardinal Photo arrangement

based on photo by Dandegirl


5 thoughts on “Cardinal Photo arrangement

  1. Oh my gosh i love this! ♡
    It’s great! Looks like he’s swinging on the feeder and then at the end where you added colors to his eyes and beak made me giggle! He looks like he’s having a much more exciting time than he really was. Excellent!

    1. Thanks very much. You’re free to post your original photos any time (or comments or essays…). There’s usually something I can find to transform in some way. Although it can be tricky… Thanks.

      1. I almost posted my pictures to your site but then I get all nervous and unsure if you’d like them or not. I know, I’m kind of silly sometimes, probably no reason to worry about it like I do. I’ll have to be braver in the future…

    2. Well, I like them, and I don’t think you have to worry because nobody leaves comments on this blog except you and the characters from my book. So you can post a picture as yourself, and then as the Official Mojo Commentator you can declare “this girl takes great photos except for the one that was blank (but that was probably a technical error like not taking off the lens cap, or clicking the shutter inside a closed desk draw at night with no moon and all the lights off), or maybe the one where her dog takes a selfie wasn’t up to standards, but it’s really hard pushing the buttons on the camera with a paw or carrying it in your mouth”.

  2. (giggling) the Official mojo commentator sounds very wise! Petals isn’t really into the photography like I am. She gets bored and would rather just have belly rubs or chase a ball. So we don’t have to worry about her posting pictures. I did take a lovely evening sky photo last night…

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