[photo: loosely derived from photo by Dandegirl. But I couldn’t finish it exactly. It sort of ruins the original.]
Canine Thunder

Canines take heed:
don’t go golfing in a thunderstorm
and don’t bark up any tree for cats

Let the big dog in the sky
mark his territory haunts
with lightning haunches striking
and thunder barks sounding

Puppies in the rain
stay under your thunder wraps
or walk the famous path to
the human’s snuggle house

If the big dog thunders in the sky
let sleeping dogs lie prone to dream.


3 thoughts on “Canine Thunder (draft 1)

  1. I love it! Golfing in a thunderstorm sounds dangerous. Territory haunts is a good combo and i like the way it leads into lightning haunches striking and thunder barks sounding (which sounds so good together).
    I think snuggle houses are the safest bet, there’s not much a good snuggle can’t fix…

    1. Thanks. Sometimes drifting into sounds and free-associations can work without planning.
          On another topic. I have a Bargain Booksy promotion running today. I hope it does something. I suppose if people really volunteer to get emails about new books because they like to read maybe it’ll lead to something. But it’s probably like Twitter and won’t make any difference. But we’ll see.

      1. I hope it sells a bunch of books! Twitter is odd…i don’t think I’m very good at twittering. I think my songs are too long winded and don’t edit to 140 characters very well. Plus I don’t have many followers on there so no one really sees what i do post. I have a lot more followers on Instagram but only a very small percentage actually read the caption on my pictures. Most just click the heart button and move on to the next…(story of my life, ha)

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