Picture based on photo by Dandegirl

Straw man in the cornfield,
the crows are warning to look up
up at the stars, to leave the farm

in corny days in laughing droughts
where doubting dogs don’t hunt those
pheasants or presents anymore, nor

where pleasures aren’t lifted
in a dusty bowl sans
a strawberry in cream,

omens to leave if

with her smile she left indeed
with strawflowers in her hands

— Doug


7 thoughts on “Straw Man’s False Stay

  1. I love it… the poem and the photo! Corny days and doubting dogs… pheasants and presents, such great word play. A bouquet of strawflowers would be beautiful.

  2. I think my original photo was a little off balance. I think that looks great…i love it. Your photo art sprays comes out so cool. And your poetry is always beautiful ♡

    1. I like “always”. Thanks. I was thinking, well, I do use the air brush tool on the art program sometimes, but I also do other things. But I’m glad I don’t have an actual canvas and an actual paint air brush because I’d probably spray paint all over the room. On the computer you can select the area you want to “spray” and it doesn’t spray outside that boundary.

  3. Haha! I’d make a huge mess out of air brush. But I used to know this man (he was a friend of mine’s Dad) who recreated these perfect looking Leonardo Davincis paintings with airbrush paint. He was also born on Davincis birthday and had other similarities (It’s been so long I can’t remember what they were). But I remember one time he’d had a few drinks and was telling us (jokingly) that he was probably his reincarnation.

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