Strawflower Photos by our new Author DANDEGIRL

 Hello everyone! I’ve been a friend of Doug’s for a long time now and he recently granted me permission to be a guest author (or photographer). I hope you enjoy my photos,  here are two macro photos showing different stages of the Strawflower opening process. I think these may be one my new favorite types of flowers.  


5 thoughts on “Strawflower Photos by our new Author DANDEGIRL

    1. Great photos. May I recommend that you give a caption or attribution for yourself? Your name is in tiny, tiny print, and I want everyone to know it’s your photo. I temporarily changed the title to add your name. You can change it to whatever you want later. So add in whatever credit you want. Maybe later I’ll do a separate version of it if you don’t mind and I’ll label it as derived from yours.
          Welcome new Author to this blog. Great first post. Thanks.

      1. Thank you for the warm welcome Doug ♡
        I love the flower picture you’re working on! It’s really cool, looks kind of like stars and eyes too!
        I tried to add a little introduction into the written part of the post but i don’t know if it updated or not. I’m not great with introductions. This is my first time ever being a guest author…

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