[I had forgotten about this poem done in May]

Sapio Stuff

Slowly, petal by petal,
like bloomies of wax paper
I see them, and know that

I’ve strawflowers on flour day,
have many cookies to eat, and

have these new awesome flowers
with crinkly origami smiles, because

for this day, strawflowers
informal flora as they are with endless straws
chat with me by their signing bloom
as I dip these straws of mine
in to two
strawberry milkshakes
for my love.

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2 thoughts on “Strawflowers

  1. I love this one! I can’t believe you forgot about it! It’s so pretty. I suppose the strawflower photo reminded you? I’ll have to share one of the new macro photos. The center is yellow when opened all the way.

    1. Thanks. It’s odd but I had only remembered my first draft of this poem which I thought was terrible but after seeing your new strawflower photo I remembered that I had fixed and expanded it. Your new yellow-centered photo sounds like it would be good. Hmm, I think that flowers who like the color yellow are yellow-centric but not ethnocentric.

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