Canine Thunder (draft 1)

Canine Thunder (draft 1)

[photo: loosely derived from photo by Dandegirl. But I couldn’t finish it exactly. It sort of ruins the original.]
Canine Thunder

Canines take heed:
don’t go golfing in a thunderstorm
and don’t bark up any tree for cats

Let the big dog in the sky
mark his territory haunts
with lightning haunches striking
and thunder barks sounding

Puppies in the rain
stay under your thunder wraps
or walk the famous path to
the human’s snuggle house

If the big dog thunders in the sky
let sleeping dogs lie prone to dream.

* “The Sleepless Elite!” … — by Jennifer Denise Pillion

* “The Sleepless Elite!”  … — by Jennifer Denise Pillion

Sparky Jen "No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!"

Back in 2011, The Wall Street Journal’s Melinda Beck identified an elite group of people, who claim to sleep far less than most of the rest of us…

The Sleepless Elite


These are the 1% to 3% of the population who thrive happily on just a few hours of sleep per night.

They are night owls and early birds simultaneously.

During the day they don’t need caffeine, or cat naps, as they are naturally energetic and upbeat.

Most recently, they have officially been identified as: “Short-sleepers.”

These folks naturally sleep less.short-sleepers

They are not like most of the rest of us who struggle with going to bed, usually winding up there late, and then struggle to get up early.

They are not like those of us who find it necessary to keep going “after hours” only because we have to mind, ’cause we still have to get up with the…

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*Formally known as “Untitled”

large1 Photographer Unknown: Google Search Image

i run so hard and so fast
my feet work to bury that which is wanted
my dark mind places fear in front of me
as the dangling carrot for me to eat
fueling me on to trample and crush
pushing all wishes and dreams down into the earth’s core
as to send it back to its unevolved form
my knowing sees it all and smiles with love
as she watches she prepares for the harvest to come
she has already tasted the sweetness of its nourishment and vitality
as i run and i run
my (third) eye has cataracted from the vision painted by opaque thoughts and fearful whisperings
i do not see nor feel what is beneath my feet
plush plump and mineral soaked moist earth is tilled with every step
as I run and I run wanting to…

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“Rictameter Verse – Soar High” by Linda J. Wolff

“Rictameter Verse – Soar High” by Linda J. Wolff

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Soar High|
A Rictameter Verse Poetry.

Urban Poetry

In this Rictameter Verse, “Soar High.”

One must find, dig deep inside one’s soul. An eagle is dying to fly with such strength so high if we can open our vessel and trust who we are.

Image of bald eagle & Rictameter Verse, "Soar High."

Soar high.
Scream your freedom
call. Glide in the currents
of blue, stretch your feathery wings
over the mountain tops and feel your strength.
Let your spirit live…long and thrive
in the new success of
Soar high.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Soar High|
A Rictameter Verse Poetry.

What is Ricatmeter Verse Poetry?

Rictameter Verse – From all the poem forms here, I have come to find a new type a poetry it is the Rictameter verse. This poem uses 9 lines in the poem, and strict syllable counts 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 with the first line repeating itself in the last line. This style of writing can be a rhyming…

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Straw Man’s False Stay

Straw Man’s False Stay

Picture based on photo by Dandegirl

Straw man in the cornfield,
the crows are warning to look up
up at the stars, to leave the farm

in corny days in laughing droughts
where doubting dogs don’t hunt those
pheasants or presents anymore, nor

where pleasures aren’t lifted
in a dusty bowl sans
a strawberry in cream,

omens to leave if

with her smile she left indeed
with strawflowers in her hands

— Doug