Photo by Mona Magnussen on Unsplash

No Cats Will Dog Me

This is no life
where I have no
sheep to herd
or cats

There is a status cat
who purrs for me, but
she will betray me
for a mouse
to toy with.

She could catch him, and
play him with a yarn, but

he doesn’t know why
her fickle heart would
palpitate on a glorious whim

But there is her love sail
that gathers the wind, and
I am blown away.

I wait on my island
for her to be shipwrecked,
because she doesn’t know
I love her.


2 thoughts on “No Cats Will Dog Me

  1. Beautiful poem…
    Nice photo too I’ve never been to that site before.
    I’m going to the beach soon, maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to shipwreck into someone who could love me enough to save me from great waves of sadness.

    1. Thanks. A very poetic response…
          One day the waves will wave with splashy love and give swimming lessons to those who would drown among the sharks.

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