by Douglas Gilbert

So dinner did not go so well,
’cause I forgot you’re allergic
to the redness of tomatoes.

The emergency room
is not very romantic. I’m

Oh God, I
don’t know
what to do.

They hooked you up
to a heart monitor, and

really you must believe
I’m not trying to kill you, but

I was staring at the graph, and
you asked me how it looked.

I said, “it looks normal
don’t worry.” — I’ve
seen those heart graphs,
and it was beautiful, but

you reached for a hug, and
I leaned into your bed.

You hugged me so tight, and
I kissed you.

I looked up at the monitor, and
the pulse rate was off the charts
and God only knows the
blood pressure graph didn’t look right.

I cried silently with tears, and
I said I should go.

I had been waiting all night
for them to treat all the
stab wounds of the gang fight, but

I can’t stand that you
are so low on the triage scale

but the nurses are so glad
that at last I leave the
emergency room, because

when you hugged me
the graph went wild, and

they are afraid I will too.


2 thoughts on “Emergency

  1. I’d forgotten about this one! Luckily, my tomato allergy is finally gone! Now i only have to worry about shellfish and maybe spinach. I think stab wounds should be treated pretty fast though. Sounds like a crazy night…

    1. Yeah, it does seem like a problem that shellfish are eating spinach. I don’t think they should do that because it’s worrisome. There was one episode of the cartoon “Popeye” where Bluto sprays poison on all the spinach fields and destroys the entire crop of spinach. Popeye is desperate and eats broccoli instead and it also gives him superpower. It’s odd that in some of the old stuff that they stuck to the premise of their series except for one episode that strayed off the main theme, but then they never did it again.

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