by Douglas Gilbert

There can not be a day
when I don’t think of you

because you know me
when I have a thought difficultly
and you listen as if I always
make sense, and you

love me enough to indulge
my every scramble, because

you know the mystery
of our love, and you
are the dainty matrix
that makes us wild
to be insanely congruent

the most magnificent puzzle
that comes together
for love.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. There’s a extra ‘l’ in this word “difficultly”. Although i suppose it could be an intentional typo for artistic expression’s sake. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Love the poem…

    1. thanks. the phrase is usually “with difficulty”. It is a bit awkward with the verb and without the “with”. I might try a revision later…spellll check does flag awkwardnessly though…Hmm, I just noticed that right-clicking here on the red line gives you the option of “add to dictionary”. Wow, that could be dangerous — I wonder which dictionary that is that I’d be altering. I know that in M Word I can add all my Utd’mbts words so that I don’t have to check all the extra red lines when I’m writing the blog novel, but that makes me nervous because I couldn’t figure out how you undo it. But I did discover that I often misspell my own coined words. So that’s helpful because if I carefully entered the spelling I originally created it can make it consistent throughout the book…

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