Geraniums Are Easy
    by Douglas Gilbert

In elementary school, I remember
the geraniums on the window sill, and
I hated them because they were
always there and needed no care.

I don’t know why
as a child then
I didn’t kill myself, because
I was dirt. Except that
my teacher seemed to
love me though
I knew that the kids
knew I was worthless, and

they butchered my thoughts,
but She wondered why
I weeped, but as asinine teachers do
she never asked my idiot parents why
they were so ashamed of me, even though
she loved me. Yes I know that teachers
are taught to be oblivious — yeah, it’s
part of the union contract.

Of course, it
could have been much simpler.

And now I am stuck
with the reality of
impossibility, and a stench of being

Every promise is gone
and I am sad beyond Dad.

Tell me why I
am nothing.

Tell me why I
am unloved
though I

could have loved
the any curiosity
that was beautiful to me
as if I were a person, and
probably I’m not.

I think when I was 10, I
thought of myself as a person.

But then I learned
I was a stupid student

And so I died
and never recovered.

They ridiculed me
when I wanted to
invent something new, because

I’m an idiot

So never will I do
anything better than
a geranium.

I know where my heart is;
I know where my knife is.


2 thoughts on “Geraniums Are Easy

    1. I’ve always thought that geraniums with the woody stems were ugly. It’s sort of like people who when they get a fancy French meal at a restaurant put ketchup on it without first tasting it. So geraniums are like the ketchup of gardening… some people don’t try to plant something more difficult to grow… or they plant cut roses in the desert– doesn’t last very long

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