Butterflies Can Surf
    by Douglas Gilbert

Distinctly I remember
waiting for the show
at the little creek
where blossoms fall on
floating ice cream sticks

I remembered how butterflies landed on
these flowers on stick boards to
surf over the mini-rapids.

I have learned many
creeky things for you in dreams
and I know that

when sorrow
goes surfing on your tears
I will wipe it out


2 thoughts on “Butterflies Can Surf

  1. Beautiful…
    If only someone could wipe out my sadness.

    Coincidentally… that old song Wipe out is one of my favorites to juggle dance to. That and several other surfer rock tunes like Misirlou; it feels like i already know the dance for them…

    1. Yeah, that one’s good with fluent rhythm that keeps going. Some Ice Cream company should make a giant ice cream pop surf board. Maybe the sharks will be satisfied just eating the ice cream, but maybe ice cream would be like blood in the water that attracts people-bait fish out to swim…

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