The Sapiosexual Blog In Space and In Time


I think of apples, skins and candle light,
the beating drum, anything just
not to succumb to the signal.

It’s pounding and the beat
makes me want to dance
but I must not listen.

There is a mind blend that reaches
like the wandering sun. But I think
the day is false if a person cannot
rise with the sunrise, and set
whenever they wish to sleep, and
make dreams in darkness alone

But I woke again because
who could sleep. I turned on
the TV which was to be
a window on the world that
would be informative, but they
made falsehoods true
like the dark is the light
eyes closed.

“Stand-by for an important announcement…”

Oh not this again. Yes, of course,
not to worry: There has been a shortage
of ping-pong balls and tarantulas, but
apparently the economy is not
adversely affected. Could be something

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