Entry 128

The Sapiosexual Blog In Space and In Time

Entry 128

Musical Chairs

Yes, indeed, what does Angela know. She’s an old friend and she let me stay in the back room of the Moose Café, but she supported Zusoiti Gabpix for Mayor just based on her quirkiness and purple hair. Everyone in town knows about the big explosion at the old mansion and the disappearance of Zusoiti, but I doubt any of the locals understand what the tax evasion charges were about, and where she was getting her money. They still haven’t torn down all the “Zusoiti for Mayor” posters on Darling Street. Yeah, but, I’d say that Darling Street is charming. It has all the essentials like a pizza shop, ice cream store, art gallery, bank, and antique shop. Hmm, I’m not sure what the difference is between “shop” and “store”. I guess one is sort of English — I know they don’t have “sidewalks” but “walkways…

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