If You’re Going Off
    by Douglas Gilbert

Have you flown on
like a feather in a whisper?
Maybe you’ve gone off.

But you can’t go off without me
’cause don’t we always go off together

Don’t we go wild together
celebrate the unity laugh
fall onto a stunt mattress

If you’ve gone away,
if you’ve gone astray

tell me that you’ll be careful
remember we’re substantial
in silly ways with safety nets

Stunt woman,
if you’ve gone to seek a beach,
take the care road to the shells
and toe in the water to

listen for an ocean sound, but
if there’d be rain, let it be musical:
a pitter-clap and applause.

If be there sun
let it not burn though

if there be fog
let the fog horn be
triumphant like a fanfare, but

I’m not sure what to do about the grasshoppers —
maybe chocolate.
(not sure if grasshoppers like chocolate)

For every whisper, a breeze;
for every breeze, a sail;
for every sail, a ship;
for every ship, a destination.

For a destination
me and a tickle,
and a last jump, because

I don’t want you to fall
into anyone but me
when I’m real soft and cushy


8 thoughts on “If You’re Going Off

  1. Love this one ♡ Perfect timing too because I’ve been planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach again. I’m taking my son and his best friend. Although I think you would be a perfect destination…

    1. Thanks. I think I may have written this when you discussed vacation plans the last time and wanted to get the best deal, and your son wanted to bring crabs from the beach home?

  2. Yes! That’s when it was. I ended up being the one who took care of those crabs (he would forget to check their food and water), they lived for a very long time too… much longer than i thought a crab’s life expectancy was.
    Hotel shopping drives me crazy. I read so many reviews and look at so many rates. I think i found a good one this time. It is like a small one bedroom apt. With a full kitchen. I plan on getting some groceries to save some money since I’m feeding two teenage boys. I’ll have my own bedroom and the boys will have a Murphy bed and a sleeper sofa in the living room area. It’ll be nicer to have a little privacy. The first two days we’re going to stay in a different hotel though, a Hampton Inn. Because I had hilton hhonors points that gave me a free night. (We’re vacationing on a budget). When I first started vacation planning I wanted to go to Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood/ Miami Florida area. I kept finding all these wonderful deals on hotels and then i realized why… they’re still having Zika virus problems. I started reading about it and even though I’m not pregnant or planning to be they still aren’t sure about the long term effects of the virus and one article said they may have found a link that it could cause early onset Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. I didn’t want to spend vacation freaking out every time mosquito flew near me so i decided to go somewhere else. I’ve already booked and canceled like 3 or 4 hotels haha…
    But the more I read the more it started sounding like a sci-fi movie. They are now releasing lots of GMO male mosquitos that have a disease, so when they mate with the females that have the zika virus their offspring won’t survive (or something?) I can just imagine this going all wrong and next thing you know they’ll be mosquitos big enough to drain the blood of a full sized alligator in the everglades. Eek! (Crazy imagination, I know! Ha!)

    1. Good that you researched everything. Yeah, never a too-good-to-be-true bargain. Yeah, they don’t really know everything about Zika. But they have been able to get DNA from the blood of a victim of a mosquito that was trapped in amber millions of years ago. Or at least that was the premise of Jurassic Park — if a mosquito bit a dinosaur you could theoretically recover the dinosaur’s DNA from the sample of blood in the mosquito.

      1. I’m sure everything is under control and we would be fine to vacation there… but i just know how i am and how one small bug becomes a giant when i think too much about it. I really just want a fun relaxing vacation…

    2. I was going to go down the postings page by page and pick some things out to re-do and post or just post again, but it was very tedious. I had to get past the ones I just did… but then I just skipped to somewhere around page 15 of posts to get to previous one, but some of them were terrible. But anyway, I wanted to put together 24 posts to enter into a WordPress schedule so they’d post automatically one per hour. But doing that is tedious too even thought that doesn’t take 24 hours and anyway it’s sort of pointless because I see no real useful response to such things…And then there’s the book. Each project seems totally pointless because up until now there’s been no useful response…
           I hope your vacation is going well. It must be good to relax in a nice hotel where “the deer and antelope and alligators play, and never is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day…” [“Home on the Range” song]

      1. I liked your song! We aren’t relaxing yet, I’m still home, we don’t leave till next Monday. Excited but overwhelmed at all the stuff I need to get ready. We’re having a fathers day cookout are my house today. Fun! Hopefully the rain stays away. I was going to grill out but may have to cook the burgers on the stove. They’ll still be good but not really the same effect.
        Well i always look forward to your posts. I was worried something had happened when i didn’t see any for a few days.

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