by Douglas Gilbert

I used to think that
the twitter of birds
was like laughter, but

I’m not falling for Fall anymore
don’t want to be
red-faced in autumn leaves
when the trees strip, and
my favorite birds migrate

You have gone far away, and
as I have no ticket to fly
it might as well be on a distant star

I will sing my blues
and wait for you
through the cold winter
without leaves

Oh I can’t wait for Spring to be
naked with you in the sun of Spring
when you can return from exile with feathers

’cause I
know that you
can be true

and spring
back to me

like budding possibilities
that blossom into silliness

and I can’t wait for Spring to laugh
can’t wait to sate our hunger

’cause I
know that you
can be true
and the winter is not forever

I saw you in the Fall
and I will see you in the rise
won’t it be a surprise
to be Summer love


4 thoughts on “Waiting

      1. Sometimes I flip through your beautiful poetry books that are on a shelf in my living room. But i think a lot of people just watch the news feed for the new posts to try to stay up with what’s currently going on…

    1. Thanks. I’m glad they’re staying up to see what’s currently going on because I don’t know what’s going on, ‘what’s happening’, and but huh, um, but I’m writing a scene for the cave and made a description for a group that Efilioe brought with her called the “Canaries”. In order to procrastinate I changed it a little and made it into a poem that’s not really relevant to the story but anyway I think is OK on its own.

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