Tomato Buds

Science has given us
plain tasting tomatoes
untouched by little toes
dipping in knowledge seas
for genes of volatile taste
source for jeans of fashion

Neither has politics
fashioned us taste buddies
to flower our taste
tomato red


5 thoughts on “Tomato Buds

  1. So weird how they are able to manipulate genes and things of that nature. Very interesting. I think i already told you this but I can eat tomatoes again! Apparently my allergies have gotten better and my body doesn’t attack tomatoes anymore 😁.

    1. Hooray. Pizza! Lasagna… I hope you’re not allergic to heirloom tomatoes. Maybe the new ones are designed just for you.

      1. I’ve been eating everything I’ve missed and it’s been wonderful… So many yummy foods have tomatoes in them. It’s pretty exciting, it’s like falling in love all over again with some of my favorites…

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