Based on photo by Bethany @bethanylynn1210

Slowly, petal by petal,
like bloomies of wax paper
I see them, and know that

I’ve strawflowers on flour day,
have many cookies to eat, and

have these new awesome flowers
with crinkly origami smiles, because

for this day, strawflowers
informal flora as they are with endless straws
chat with me by their signing bloom
as I dip these straws of mine
in to two
strawberry milkshakes
for my love.


6 thoughts on “Strawflowers

  1. Mmm cookies and strawberry milkshakes! What a perfect ending for a wonderful poem. I love this!!! ♡ I love that The strawflower picture helped inspire this poetic art. Crinkly, origami smiles is great too. I wish I could let you touch one, they are so different feeling than other flower petals…
    Beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks very much. I liked your description of them, and one straw led to another (The last straw, straw man, strawberry. Wax paper — cooking cookies on wax paper[I seem to remember they do that sometimes, but I’m afraid to try that because I keep thinking it has wax or something. I guess it just refers to the feel of it.]).

      1. hmmm, apparently, if you cook something in the oven for a short time at a low temperature, you can use wax paper, But it appears that no one will admit to ever having done that. The cooking sites say they DON’T RECOMMEND THAT because at high temperature and long periods of time, it can smoke and catch fire. Very confusing: it is wax but it’s edible plant wax like soybean wax or something. So, I guess, if you can’t follow directions for temperature and time, and you’re afraid someone will sue you if you bake it wrong or set the kitchen on fire then they tell you to use parchment paper(but that’s coated with silicon[isn’t that toxic?]. But anyway, even though I could butter the pan and dust it with flour to make it non-stick, the most important thing is that it ruins the metaphors in my poem. Nobody will admit to it, but I could swear that I once saw someone baking cookies with wax paper. I need somebody famous to confess to this crime right away or else my poem can’t bake.

      2. I’ve never actually BAKED cookies on wax paper but when I put them in containers i line the container with it before adding cookies (or other desserts). You can also put a piece in between the layers of stacked desserts to protect them. Comes in handy for cookies with decorative icing or sugars because it keeps the crumbs from cookies above from sticking to the cookie under it. So wax paper is definitely good to use with cookies. I love that my photo helped inspire this ♡

  2. Reblogged this on The Blog That Would Destroy the World and commented:

    Enjoy the flowers of hope for now. There will be a last straw for everyone when they drink the false nectar of salvation, and allow the High Priestess to rule the world with her Mystical Powers. There will be no Free Speech, but only Her speech, and as all minds fade and blend to her will, all flowers will wilt with the coming of the Ice Age, and with the coming of the Gods — Naztko

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