Some people encouraged Doug to begin the destruction of the world

The Blog That Would Destroy the World

I am Naztko, and I worry.

I had seen that Utcoozhoo had encouraged Doug to write a blog, but even he saw that it would lead to disaster and so Doug began this way:

Some would prefer to say poetry will end the world, but no rhyme will stick to the face of time. Lachrymal vicissitudes, slipping on plates of passion, are insufficient to generate terminal earthquakes.

No, it is this blog that will end life on the surface of the Earth with a recipe for pizza and virginity. No, it is not the High Priestess alone who will do it. Many creatures do play their part to stage a farce, leaping in multiplicity, dark in mind.

True, every seminal blog in the universe begins as a joke. Few end with dessert.

I had heard I should do something bloggy on the Internet if I were going to fit into…

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