Buzzard Warning With Flying Snow Birds Meeting Death

Buzzard Warning

What carrion might there be
after a blizzard for a gizzard
to behold?

The art of the buzzard
(turkey-vulture Charles)
is to carry on his way
through a blizzard
for the art of the dead.

He’s boarding a plane for escape
with carrion luggage.

— Douglas Gilbert


11 thoughts on “Buzzard Warning With Flying Snow Birds Meeting Death

  1. I was in a hurry to post this, so I couldn’t find any pictures in my files to go with it. But it seems to be the thing to always have a picture so I grabbed the one of an ostrich which doesn’t look like a turkey vulture which in North America is called a buzzard. In Europe “buzzard” means something else. Too complicated.

    1. Thanks. For a second in capitol letters in Arial font I thought they were issuing a buzzard warning ( B LI Z Z A R D ). I don’t know why they would remove the serifs from most of the fonts they use. Small L and capital i look the same: II that’s iL and it also looks like Roman numeral ii or II in capital. Anyway, that’s how I thought of buzzard warning and then worked on how to tie them together.

  2. 12-20 inches of snow expected!? Wow! And for a little bit I thought it was going to be an early spring…good luck. Make sure to get plenty of milk and bread so you can have milk sandwiches (ha ha)

    1. Thanks. I made a big lasagna and there are plenty of leftovers. But I do have breadcrumbs and eggs so I can bread any unidentified object in the refrigerator and fry it. And if there’s a power failure I can put everything in the snow, or open a can of tuna fish or sardines as long as they don’t swim away — I don’t really know until I open the cans what they’ve been doing in there like the mystery of the refrigerator light.

  3. Mmm lasagna! Did I tell you that I’m able to eat tomatoes now? It’s so exciting! I guess my food allergy faded away because the dr said I could try them again and now I’m fine when I eat them.

    Giggling about the tuna and sardines. If they can swim away then they must be really fresh! I’ve always wondered what goes on in the fridge…

    1. That is exciting. There’s so many things where you can add tomatoes or tomato sauce. Oooh and pizza. It should be pizza pie day instead of pi day. It reminds of how painful it was when I wanted to understand Math and just wasted time trying. Someone should have told me just to learn how to calculate according to the rules and not try to understand. Eventually when it was already too late I saw that I could do the calculations without understanding completely the underlying theory and not feeling so stupid and worthless. So I destroyed my life over something I would never understand instead of doing the practical things. I lot of people learn to solve the required problems without an intrinsic understanding of the math but they lie about: Oh sure, I understand it — they just meant they could get the right answer. But of course there are a few people who are naturally good at math and they do understand.

  4. I think i will give my son that advice on just to “calculate according to the rules and not try to understand”. He got a bad grade on his report card (which technically isn’t even called a report card anymore…it’s called a “grade freeze” and they are on a rolling average through out the year with the final grade being the only official grade) so it’s weird. But anyway 19 of his homework assignments got zeros because he didn’t show his work. He just did it on the calculator and wrote the answer. The teacher is going to let him turn it in for half credit so I’m making him redo every assignment. And of course he’s confused about some things and I can’t help him because I am horrible at math. So I totally get why he is frustrated cause I’m right there in the same sinking math boat.

    1. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling when things are on the edge of understanding but not quite there. I remember how when I took Algebra I didn’t quite understand it (which I didn’t want to admit to because I was supposed to understand it) but I started to understand arithmetic a little better and why things were done. When I took calculus, it was hell, but I started to understand a little about Algebra, but not Calculus. When I took Differential Equations(?), or maybe something else, I started to understand Calculus a little, but by then I was too beat-up and scarred for it to matter at all, and by then I had forgotten enough to not have a working knowledge of anything. I think by then I lost all curiosity about math and science because I was not going to ever understand it …

  5. Oh guess what. I was shopping today and found another case of the LI looking like a U and it reminded me of your buzzard warning. I’ll put a picture up of it on my page..

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