We shared a Mamihlapinatapai,
and then I went to war
thinking of you, when
the slaughter harangued me
with guilt and sorrow for
my dead comrades, but

precious, I will tell you now
how much I’ve wanted you
how much I missed you, and

can we speak out loud now
our scream of love, because

you look so beautiful when
your lips pucker me.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Mamihlapinatapai

  1. So I have to ask…what is a Mamihlapinatapai? War is so sad but I love how you ended this with puckered lips. Sometimes a knowing and a kiss can make everything better.

    1.     Thanks. It’s an odd language from Tierra del Fuego that I never heard of, but it seems profound.
      mamihlapinatapai: “a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to begin.”
          “a knowing” is everything.

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