I am wild and
I can’t wait to see
your bursting colors

because you
spring on me

and I jump so high
in a color of me
of us, and
there is light

lightness like
you could lift me
like a dandelion

and these seeds of us
fly across the world, because

we love us.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Wild

  1. This is so full of love, so happy and springy I almost forgot about the winter blues I’ve had. Melted the ice right off of my heart. Absolutely beautiful…and dreamy. I love the dandelion seeds that fly across the world. I wish that seeds of happiness could land everywhere and fix all the sadness in the world…

    1. Thanks. Once in a while I write a random thought without much editing. And I always wonder if it’s too cliché and shallow. When it seems too easy, I think it must be bad.

  2. I don’t think it’s cliche…and it’s definitely not shallow. I think it’s very deep, actually. But I think i know what you mean; when it comes naturally and doesn’t need much editing it makes you wonder if you missed something maybe? Anyway…I just read your pen again and it’s still absolutely beautiful…

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