Word Problem

Word Problem

If I were a linguist
I would talk to Ms. Problem
and the lady would show
the face of herself in a word,
smile to the world,
give me her word
to be the kiss of dawn
riser on the stairs to heaven

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Word Problem

  1. Lovely! I have problems with words sometimes but you’re the one who usually helped me with those. Grammar is important, growing up in Kentucky has proven that to me. (Haha)
    How is everything? Hope you are doing good.

    1. Thanks. I gave up trying to do French translations so this is the last twisted dregs of trying to get an English version that translates back without the French calling people “it”… I guess I still don’t understand how they do possession — his and her just disappear when the inanimate objects take over. Being used to English it just seems weird that inanimate objects have a gender in other languages — I saw something somewhere that makes some sense i guess: They said it’s not really gender but it’s creating a “noun class”, that is grouping together nouns that have some characteristic in common. But i still think it’s nuts. Well, I could see nuts and bolts maybe: bolts male, and nuts female. Ooops, apparently in French they are both male.
          Anyway, I’m not making much progress finishing my book. It just hurts to write when it seems so bad and it’s going to be pointless in the end anyway. I hope you are surviving the winter with your boots on, because marching in the snow barefoot is not a good idea.

      1. French is odd in a way because they don’t use ‘she’ or ‘he’ like we do. Instead they have different words for masculine and feminine reference. So if you were saying nice to meet you to a man it’s ‘enchante’ but for a female it’s ‘enchantee’ (extra e). Or ‘them’ is ‘ils’ in masculine form or ‘elles’ if feminine. Kinda confusing but I think I finally got it figured out.

        I think your book is amazing. I love it. I don’t know why you would think it’s bad but I understand. You can’t force writing…
        I’m surviving…just keeping busy. Hope you are surviving the winter ok. Didn’t you just get a lot of snow?

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