The Cherished Spring

The Cherished Spring

They say even the
death snow of winter for some
is always followed by the spring.

I’ve always cherished Spring;
so many buds and the young blossoms
are so colorful and joyful, the
girls dress for joy because
it is in their nature to caress the day.

Already February and I
must only endure this, and
fickle March with possible snow,
and April with a possibility.

Give me my girls:
we will giggle into existence
the perfect flower
the perfect hour.

— Zawmb’yee Nuje


2 thoughts on “The Cherished Spring

    1. Give me the courage to wait for Spring, because I am ready to give my embrace to my humble hero who has been waiting for me so long because he doesn’t know how much I will value him when he laughs with me because we understand the silliness of us.

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