Year of the Rooster (Draft 2)

Year of the Rooster

Born in 1921 with pluck,
her dawn broke hearts. She
knew raw emotions and cries,
grew like a lion of the family
stalking the fields, a temper hot
like a firecracker, though raised
by a calmer farmer with luck

Still working on the farm,
her favorite rooster, a
darling of pets, surprised Mary
when it was

cooked to death by a firecracker
and the Lady of Fire is also dead
losing her confidence to crow
on Chinese New Year
like a Dragon fired up.

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Year of the Rooster (Draft 2)

    1. Thanks. I guess it helped to play around with more and less and finally combine the best elements. Other languages seem on the one hand more restrictive and on the other hand they seem to add so many extra unneeded words. Ooops, I guess, “on the one hand” is a lot of extra words. Oh well. I guess that feeds into the old joke about wanting a one-handed lawyer or economist because they don’t choose one opinion and can fight on both sides(or many sides) of an issue and conclude nothing.

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