Year of the Rooster (Draft 1)

Year of the Rooster

She was the lion of the family,
hot like a firecracker,
born in 1921.

Still working on the farm,
her favorite rooster
woke her for Chinese New Year

But she was shocked when
her darling pet was
slaughtered by a firecracker

and the Lady of Fire
died of despair
losing her confidence to crow

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Year of the Rooster (Draft 1)

    1. It might be a little too smooth. The other one in some ways sounds stronger. Maybe I’ll combine it. The main problem seemed to be that they don’t seem to have the word “rooster” in French — they seem to only have “cock” which is a little too general. We have “hen” and “cock” for chickens but they don’t seem to have that clear distinction.
          I only did 10 words of notes for my book. Well, anyway, I think I have a way to describe a teleportation device that fits with the book — it’s not going to be a physical device like on Star Trek where it tears someone apart into atoms or something and puts them back together somewhere else. It’s going to be more of a spiritual nature involving meditation or something… I think there’s already ancient traditions of instantly being in another place without any physical travel. I think the next blog entry is going to be by Naztko who will reveal the top-secret device that transported Doug to safety at the last second. He couldn’t tell Zawmb’yee because if she had the information somebody could get into her mind and find out…

  1. I think the newest edit worked out great on the rooster poem. My parents [patent pending] have some chickens but they only have hens. They still lay eggs, they’re just never fertilized so they won’t have chicks hatch from them.

    That sounds perfect! I can’t wait to read it. I wish I had a teleportation device. It would make things so much simpler. I’m so glad Doug was able to teleport to safety.

    ** Edit added

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