Nouvel An Chinois 新年

Nouvel An Chinois

Marie était le lion de la famille,
chaud en fureur comme un pétard,
né en 1921*.

Travaillant encore la ferme,
le meilleur coq chinois du poulet
chérie d’animaux de compagnie, a surpris Marie
quand c’était

cuit à mort par un pétard
et la Dame du feu est morte aussi
parce qu’elle a perdu confiance pour se vanter
comme une corneille devenu fou

*”…pour les gens nés dans une année de coq – 1921, 1933 … – il est défini pour être un moment malchanceux parce que la tradition indique que l’année de votre naissance fait pour un mauvais 12 mois…” — UK mirror
Mary was the lion of the family,
Hot in rage like a firecracker,
Born in 1921.

Working again on the farm,
The best Chinese cock chicken
Darling of pets, surprised Marie
when it was

cooked to death by a firecracker
and the Lady of Fire is also dead
because she has lost confidence to boast
like a crazy crow

“For people born in a rooster year – 1921, 1933 … – it is defined to be an unlucky moment because tradition indicates that the year of your birth makes for a bad 12 months.”
    Chinese New Year 2017 traditions — UK Mirror
— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Nouvel An Chinois 新年

  1. Awesome, I always love reading your new poems. like that Mary was the lion in the family…sad that her pet rooster was cooked and that she was also dead though. I’m almost positive my grandma was born in 1933…

    1. Thanks. It’s hard not to think there is such a thing as bad luck, and it can be a self-fulfilling prophesy. But not knowing enough about what’s going on in life does make one nervous. but walking on tip-toes in the winter can lead to falling on ice i suppose… and roosters can make people wake up too early in the morning and stumble from lack of sleep.

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