(NOTES) Prose Conversation as a starting point for a later poem

Marie & Jacques meet Mary & James (Prose outline)

    I’ve written a conversation as a starting point for a poem which I’ll write later if it becomes possible.
    Notes: 1. “Avoir un cœur d’artichaut” — to have an artichoke’s heart, means to love promiscuously. To give a little bit of love to each of the leaves surrounding the heart of the artichoke. 2. “Chat” means cat. And chat means chat.

I put aside my marinated artichoke hearts,
not even noticing my elegant tart on a dish,
went to the computer and typed in the
nuanced language of love delayed,
“My sweetheart, my love, can we have a chat?”

“… hard to love and independent,
sort of like you, and
tu as un cœur d’artichaut”

“Yes, but I’m not in the mood for artichokes.
I’d rather have a chat.”

“I don’t think so. You’d
rather have un chien.”

“No. Dogs don’t talk.”

“Oui, mais ils sont loyaux, et
tu as un cœur d’artichaut.”

“I’ll throw it away
just for you, and
je t’aime.”

“You’ll throw your heart away
and be un chat?

“A UN chat? Yes, then
let’s meet at the UN.”

— Douglas Gilbert

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