When Cats Chat

An article of faith

I put aside my marinated artichoke hearts,
not even noticing my elegant tart on a dish,
went to the computer, made in type the
nuanced language of kisses delayed, an art:
“My sweetheart, my love, can we have a chat?”

“… hard to love and independent,
like you, and I know I meant
tu as un cœur d’artichaut”

“I’m not in the mood for artichokes.
I’d rather have a chat and joke.”

“I don’t think so. You’d
sooner have un chien.”

“No. Dogs don’t talk to you.”

“Oui, mais ils sont loyaux, et
tu as un cœur d’artichaut.”

“I’ll throw it away
just for you, and
je t’aime.”

“You’ll throw your heart away
and be un chat?

“A UN chat? Yes, then
let’s meet at the UN.”

*tu as un cœur d’artichaut — you fall in love too easily
(You have an artichoke’s heart)
    un chat — a cat

— Douglas Gilbert

4 thoughts on “When Cats Chat

  1. I love it! I’ve never heard the term artichoke heart before. That’s a pretty good term. A chat at
    the UN? Sounds important. I think you did really good with this conversation. I’ve done several lessons in the French app now and I recognize and understand some if the words in French now. It’s pretty exciting to see words in a different language and understand them.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s interesting: I spotted that expression in an ad for Babble. I was thinking about it but I haven’t yet looked for my microphone — I put it away somewhere. I’m assuming there’s a voice recognition thing? Are you past the free lesson? The cost looks reasonable, but I’m still debating about finding a live group in person. I don’t know which is worse — I’ve lost all confidence in my ability to learn anything. I can see how it would be exciting to learn new words.
          I think I’m going to solve my cliffhanger problem with a teleportation device. So now I have to make up a word for that in Utd’mbts and revisit the scene where communication was cut off. I’ve thought of a “Syndrome” to use in my new grammar — it’s a pretty big one. I’m thinking of it as the “Self-delusion” Syndrome, and then one of the subsyndromes would be “propaganda backfire” where someone makes up propaganda to defeat an enemy and then starts to believe their own lies. I still don’t know how to construct a sentence, but I thought maybe I should just start somewhere with a list of syndromes and sub-syndromes. A whole system looks impossible, so maybe small steps I can do first and then maybe I’ll be inspired.

      1. Well I’m using my phone so you can use the voice feature or not. I mainly have been doing it without the voice feature so far. But I think that the voice feature would be good to help with pronunciation. I am past the free lessons now. It’s like 12.95 a month. Or 8.95 of you sign up for 3 months…I just wasn’t sure if I would want to keep using it that long.
        A teleportation device sounds like an awesome idea. I wish I had one of those…

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