I guess I’ll have to give up on these projects. The translations are all over the map. I have no idea what I’m really saying.

Réflexions Bleus

Well I thought I’d try one last time. But this is not working out. Each time I try to revise it, more meaning is lost. This is becoming empty nonsense.

Une méditation avec les yeux fermés:
Sur un brillant verre de tes larmes,
réflexions bleus s’ouvrent des trajets
comme de rêves de nous.

Parfois, nous avons un sentiment commun
d’unité dans l’image.
Le secret est de se rappeler.
A meditation with closed eyes:
On a shining glass of your tears,
blue reflections open paths
like dreams of us.

Sometimes we have a common feeling
of unity in the image.
The secret is to remember.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “I guess I’ll have to give up on these projects. The translations are all over the map. I have no idea what I’m really saying.

  1. I think it’s still beautiful even if you lost something in translation. I need to do some meditating again. I loved the images of blue reflections open paths
    I loved the end with ‘the secret is to remember’. Personally speaking i can relate because I have some memory issues about some things that are foggy…or confusing.
    Oh I found an app in the Google play store to learn French for free. I already did the first short lesson. It’s really interesting. It’s called Babbel French…seems pretty interesting.

    1.     Thanks. Yes, I was trying to use images from meditation but the translations weren’t cooperating — they were making weird metaphors out of what I was saying. Diving into a blue dot which became a ride down a dream-like highway somehow in translation became a “car crash” and a spiral became a “collapse”.
          Oh, that Babbel app sounds interesting. I’ve heard some advertisements on TV for Babbel products. I was thinking about taking a live French class just for the social aspects of other people in the class, but I doubt I’ll have much luck finding a class with interesting people in it. I’ll probably wind up with a group of really crazy people…
          So, anyway, I sort of started on Utd’mbts again. And maybe also I’ll be brave and try to write a plot summary and finish off and eliminate the cliff-hanger and have a real ending to “The Blog That Would Destroy the World.”
          I wanted to come up with a radically different “grammar” for my expanded Utd’mbts language, and I didn’t want to do a subject-verb-object sort of thing. I’ve been reading some old psychology books again to look for clues, but it’s overwhelming, and I remember the last time I tried, I made diagrams that I thought would help me, and I only succeeded in confusing myself more. Anyway, this time, to start with, I’m thinking of the concept of “Syndrome” from my old Maslow book to be an element of the new grammar. There’s the example of the “Insecurity Syndrome” in which is contained the “Power-Submission Subsyndrome”. It’s about the insecure person needing “Power,” and then the positive and negative details about how they seek to get it, directly and indirectly. So the flow of the language would be through these different levels of detail. The “subject” of the sentence is the cluster of concepts. But anyway, I’m 15 minutes into this and I’m already totally confused. Maybe it’s like when you see a play, the “subject” of the putative sentence is the play and characters way of handling things are the other elements of “grammar.” So it’s like the “play” is the Syndrome and the deeds of the characters are the Sub-Syndromes. But don’t ask me to say all that 3 times fast.

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