Vous Créez des Excuses Si Élaborées

J’ai Tellement Faim

J’ai tellement faim, et
vous créez des excuses si élaborées.

Je pense à tous vos
distractions présumées

et maintenant je dois savoir
que vous avez une liaison.

Combien de façons
dois-je te tuer, mais

je ne peux pas, parce que

il y a un morceau de moi
qui t’aime encore

I’m so hungry, and
you create excuses so elaborate.

I think of all your
alleged disturbances

and now I need to know
whether you have an affair.

How many ways
should I kill you, but

I can not because

there’s a piece of me
who Loves You

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Vous Créez des Excuses Si Élaborées

  1. Lovely but sad…I’ve been hurt many times by unfaithfulness. I know the feeling of how love is still there even though there’s a lot of pain. I think love is worth fighting and trying for though, even if it takes forgiving someone for the pain that they caused. I’m sorry if you’re hurting in any way. Sending you love, hugs and kisses to try to make you feel better…

    1. Thanks. I’m OK. I’m mostly imaginary because i haven’t actually done anything lately. I just sometimes find interesting words to use for fiction where I imagine scenarios… I’m sorry you were hurt many times.

      1.     Sure Yassy. Why not. If you can.

        But I’ve decided to reveal a secret: I found a stray cat and he writes all my French poems. He has a special keyboard that he swipes at like he’s trying to catch a bird, and I’ve gotten him voice recognition software in a higher register that recognizes his voice. It sounds like just meows and purrs to me, but evidently the computer can make sense of it. The transcription is usually pretty good so I just add a few periods and commas here and there. Sometimes he wanders away and doesn’t come in to write for tuna fish.
            So, that explains why it’s a little rough sometimes. But I think if any of his poems are good, I’ll take credit for it because I don’t think if he tries to talk to the police and complain, they will understand him. And besides, I don’t think that Cats have a legal right to copyright protection under international treaties.

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