Parched Lines (Draft 1)

Parched Lines

I fall between two last rain drops with a cold
nose bleeding between the red lines of a desert;
it’s difficult to read between the lines
while thought hungry, but

I will feed a fever a task
from the tip of my tongue
to the stomach of the unconscious,
and try to hitch a ride in a dream.

I will hitch a dream limbo limo
powered by an insight that
will sneeze the ride forward.

I will try the ethereal soup
with a soupçon of magic
and inhale the fumes
between the last twin drops

and cherish the remains
of the tear-drop brew in
a cauldron of forgotten lines.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Parched Lines (Draft 1)

  1. This is beautiful and thought provoking. I’ll make you a drink if you’d like me to. Or a hot toddy if you have a cold…You don’t have to drink the tear-drop brew in a cauldron of forgotten lines…although that is a beautiful sounding ending. I’m sorry you’re thought hungry…perhaps I can come up with something worthwhile to share soon. I liked the dream limbo limo, it’d be nice to ride into a dream with you. I’ve been a mess lately myself and have been trying to keep everything together but it all gets overwhelming. I bought a paper white narcissus at the grocery so I could watch it bloom, that’s helping keep me focused on something positive…

    1.     Thanks. I started this one because I was annoyed by some vague slogan I saw about the magic of “reading between the lines”. I never quite understand the little slogans and advice tidbits because they’re vague and have no detail. But then I wound up writing my own little vague slogan. I suppose that’s what poetry is sometimes and some of the little rhymes are interesting I think.
          Blooming things are nice to contemplate, and riding into a dream with you would be wonderful. “focussing on something positive” : I’m trying to do that. Difficult.

      1. Well I finally wrote a little something. It is difficult to focus on the positive though. I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy and not let myself think too much…

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