Flying with a Sail (Draft 5)

Flying with a Sail

Let some enchanted song sing
to a jib in fickle calm seas and
dare a Londonderry aire to blow.

Soon there will be a friend who
hums in the wake of your breath, and
blows on you with a flying note of love.

The dear lady comes with perfume
on board the sailing ship and
your sailing heart tacks in the wind.

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “Flying with a Sail (Draft 5)

  1. Beautiful, a sailing ship might be just what I need to save me from the waves. It’s been pretty rocky in my waters lately…
    Hope you’re doing good and that life is smooth sailing for you. ⛵

    1. Thanks. Sometimes I look out my window at the ships in the ocean. I haven’t seen any sailboats lately — they’re there mostly in the summer close to shore. I think the ones now are far out and mostly cargo ships.

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