I Have the Blues (Draft 1)

I Have the Blues

I have seen depression
on the back of a cockroach, and
the insect doesn’t believe in God.

I must guard you, because
the insect is a gossip, and
vents his spleen against Kafka.

You might lose faith in God
and me if you listen to him.

Let me exterminate your doubts
with a kiss from God
and from me.

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “I Have the Blues (Draft 1)

  1. I love this! That is an odd saying; to have the blues means to have a cockroach? Although I suppose that having the blues is a bit like having a cockroach. They both show up uninvited and unwanted. Oddly enough cockroaches were one of my big allergens when they did that allergy test on me. They release shine kind of dander like stuff a they grow? I can’t remember exactly what it was but cockroaches are an inhaled allergen…so I suppose that maybe the blues are airborne?
    I love the ending with a kiss…I think that would be a good cure for the blues.

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