Pain Grillé (Draft 1)

Pain Grillé

Mon gâteau ne peut pas monter
si vous ne saupoudrez pas de farine
dans ma poêle beurrée.

Il n’y a plus de beurre sur mon pain grillé
à soulever dans les toasts
puisque vous, ma chère petite amie,
avez pris le dernier bâton de beurre congelé.

La chère femme m’a laissé dégonflé
Sans soufflé

My cake can not go up
if you do not sprinkle flour
in my buttered pan.

There is no more butter on my toast
to be lifted in toast
since you, my dear girlfriend,
took the last stick of frozen butter.

The dear woman left me deflated
without soufflé

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Pain Grillé (Draft 1)

  1. Lovely! I have plenty of butter if you’d like some. I’ve been trying to find a cooking partner but no one will help me in the kitchen. Baking cookies can be lonely work sometimes…

    1. Thanks. Yes, every dish has its complications. I made bread or cake once and I rubbed the pan with butter and dusted it with flour and put it in the freezer because I knew it was going to take me a long time to figure out how to mix the rest and if I left it out for a long time,letting it melt, it was going to be wiped away as soon as I poured and pushed anything in it. I think that was the only time that nothing stuck to the pan. Usually, no matter what I do, something manages to stick and burn and make a mess(at least in a corner.) (yeah, somehow, even with no-stick stuff).
          Yeah, every time I go to a website, they promise to send me cookies, and I agree to take cookies, but they’ve never even sent me at least some chocolate-chip cookies. I think maybe they burnt them or something. Maybe they have no butter. Let them eat cake.

      1. Yeah it is always tricky when trying to keep stuff from sticking to the pans. Luckily with cookies you don’t even have to butter or spray the pan at all. Probably cause there’s so much butter in the cookies, ha! I made some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and some chocolate chip cookies and filled tins to take around to all the Christmas celebrations. Everyone seemed to like them.

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