धुऑं या वायु निकालने वाला मत्स्य Puffer Fish, Fugu

धुऑं या वायु निकालने वाला मत्स्य

मछली तराजू, या संगीत तराजू के बिना
महान महिला नहीं गा रहा है
एक विशेष संगीतमय कुंजी में;
लेडी पहुँच जाती है और लेडी के कश के साथ,
महिला खुद को एक गुब्बारे की तरह फूल जाती है
और उसके बाल वापस spikes की तरह फेंकता है।

भूख और महिलाओं उसे बिल का भुगतान करने के लिए पूछना होगा

हो सकता है कि लेडी एक जापानी रेस्तरां में सेवारत फुगु करने के लिए आदमी को चुनौती देंगे।

शौकिया रसोइये अपने सपनों की औरत द्वारा नियोजित किया जाएगा

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “धुऑं या वायु निकालने वाला मत्स्य Puffer Fish, Fugu

    1. Yassy,
      It is because WordPress was offering a translator widget and someone in the comments to the announcement said that the translation for Hindi was terrible. I went to the Google translator to see what it did. I tried English to Hindi and then took that result and used Google to translate back to English and it was non-sense. So I changed the English a little and tried again etc…. back and forth until it looked like it might be OK. But I haven’t heard from native speakers if it makes any sense. I have no idea. WordPress thinks it will bring more readers if everything can be translated into other languages automatically. What do you think?

      1. Lol I don’t know. I am Indian but my Hindi is atrocious, I sleep think dream n talk in English. Well, if it’s readers yu aim for , give it a shot.

    2. Thanks. The translations in all the languages are really weird and I had to twist the English to get it to understand what I was trying to say. All the translations kept referring to people as “it”. I couldn’t get it to understand “he” and “she” in English. I guess it has something to do with other languages giving a gender to inanimate objects. And dependent clauses were impossible because it never knew who or what I was referring to unless I repeated the subject over and over again — and even that didn’t always work. There must be some very basic flaw. Maybe none of the programmers are native speakers of English.

      1. Such a beautiful poem in English and French. I freaked out when I saw it in Hindi. Please leave well alone. Don’t kill your lines , sorry but most people I know here are not interested in poetry. Anyways, it’s your call. Merry Xmas Doug.

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