Butterflies Can Surf (Draft 1)

Butterflies Can Surf

Distinctly I remember
waiting for the show
at the little creek
where blossoms fall on
floating ice cream sticks

I remembered how butterflies landed on
these flowers on stick boards to
surf over the mini-rapids.

I have learned many
creeky things for you in dreams
and I know that

when sorrow
goes surfing on your tears
I will wipe it out

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Butterflies Can Surf (Draft 1)

  1. So pretty, I love butterflies and the idea that someone would care enough to wipe away the sorrows means the world to me. It’s important to ease the sadness and worries of those you love. Not to make it worse or scream obscenities at someone who is just trying to fix things like some do (not you). Beautifully written.

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