I woke up this morning
realizing that I’m a criminal

It is a crime to be me.

As soon as I was born
there were bad genes, and

I was destined to be
no one, to cry to
no avail, so

tell me why
anyone should love me

when the day for me to speak
is so short, and I don’t feel
so articulate, no I

don’t feel like the day
is just, just because again
I woke up being no one.

It is a crime to be me
because I’ve done nothing, and
you don’t love me.

— Douglas Gilbert



I taste the cherries
new and succulent
like you when I
had you for a salad
of me, and there were
many things to lunch on

Succulent days I remember
when you came to my table

There was a lust
to your musk
while you served me pie

I remember
succulent you

I tasted the cherries
you brought me

I tasted you, and

what will you
bring me now?

I wait for succulent you.

— Zawmb’yee Nuje


So I woke up at midnight
’cause I was thinking of you

And I couldn’t help but
think what I’d tell you

if you’d be thinking of me
and why can’t you,
can’t you
think of me.

So I woke in the night
thinking of you, and
I wonder

if you were awake to me
and dreamed to me that
you love me like midnight, then

when in the quiet
and in the dark
you see me, and
hear me sing
a shy song
gorgeous one,
do you imagine me, and

if then I hope you are not
a trivial passing
muscle d’art with
no brain for me, ’cause
I’d like to touch
a passionate human
of the honest species
bold and brave enough
to tell me that
you love me true.

— Zawmb’yee Nuje



So I will love you
just because

there is the day, and

I have always known you.

You have always been
my star

So tell me why
we can not meet

when all the meteors
fly by us, except one and

there is a lucky crash
where you look up at me

— Douglas Gilbert

You Don’t Have To

You Don’t Have To

You don’t have to love me
just because we
sing together, no really

I’ve seen you, and
I’m a chorus for you
my cutie, and

I’ve seen you, and
and you rock me, so

tell me you do
sing with me, because

I’ve seen you, and
and you rock me, yes

kiss me baby, because

never have I told anyone
everything you’d want to know, but
I will, and

You don’t have to love me
just because we
sing together, no

I’ve seen you, and
and you rock me, and

tell me that
I’m in your chorus

— Douglas Gilbert

A Yoke

You Are The Way

You are the way
that happiness
met us

You are
the happiness
that glee is made of

because it’s
my dream
to be of you

and you have me, oh and

this symphony of you
is me dancing joy, because

You are the way
that happiness
met us, and

Come dance with me,

I’ll take you with me, and
you will take me in you,

because we are one
and you know that baby

this symphony of you
is us dancing, baby dear

Oh how stupendous!
Wow you know all of me
and you still make me
breakfast, but I can
crack an egg for you baby
because I see happiness
in your yoke and jokes

— Douglas Gilbert

Remember Me

Remember (Draft 1)

I have been so gone with the day
that I’ve forgotten you, still

even many years gone, sometimes
I remember, fondly

I remember
the smell of you, and

you touched me.

I remember folly and joy,
because you were silly, and

I was so happy
to be intoxicated, but

I’ve been gone so long, and
I wonder if you remember me

because my heart still
beats for you, and
I’ve written a song.

— Douglas Gilbert