It Only Takes a Word To Conquer

It Only Takes a Word To Conquer (Draft 5)

I will conquer them
with diplomacy, mere
words and contagion will
sneeze our conspiracy into
the air of their glamorous
glistening ball room.

My team offers
smooth and soothing persiflage
oozing our pus into their lungs; they

breath our loquacious anesthesia,
lilac scents of sensible chatter
(but their pusillanimous odor
repels us like a corpse flower).

We know the rituals we must
perform to hide the dagger
and dance for the pompous
who court us like
children at proms.

Weakening the enemy, we
send in our smarmy army, knowing
a cocktail or two will do
to suck out a bit of brain
through a tin ear that
hears only flattery.

They do not know
there will be blood
even for the elite.

My unctuous Ambassador
is slick, not anxious, and
he easily wheedles out
a disarmament treaty
holding his nose
against the stench
of decadence.

We wait for the fools to
celebrate their papers, and now
when their guard is down

our daggers slaughter,
as in ancient times, and

I demand
those not dead must be
obsequious, and
happy to be
our new slaves.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “It Only Takes a Word To Conquer

  1. I thought I had commented on this already…but I guess i didn’t. Maybe I just dreamed that I commented or something. But anyway…it is wonderful. Smoothly rolls off the tongue. How’s everything going? Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks. I’ve been remembering every negative thing I’ve ever done. It’s all bad. It seems like a life review that they say happens when you have a near death experience except that I can’t remember the good things. Well, hey, you’ve been a good thing and I like the sound of your voice. ( well, that’s imaginary but anyway your imaginary voice and persona sounds good to me.) I don’t know how I’m going to push forward because I only recently realized how limited I am. I thought I was a genius of some kind but actually I’m just Autistic and worthless and everyone at best has been humoring me. I’m trying to finish my corrections to my novel so I can issue an updated version, but it seems pointless and I’d much rather walk into the street and accidentally be hit by a trunk that I could not be blamed for when I died. I think I’d much rather be dead than tortured.

    2. Sorry about my previous comment. That wasn’t very cheerful. I hope you’ve found some happiness in small and maybe great ways to come in the future. Maybe I’ll think of something more cheerful to do. I guess they call this a hiatus from a charmed life or something… I guess I could read out-loud in Central Park before it gets cold again… I don’t know, maybe I’ll get lucky or something. Yeah, those “or somethings” can get tricky.

      1. Every time I think I’ve found some happiness it explodes in my face. I wish I had great news of found happiness and love but I think I’m destined for a sad and lonely life. So doubt worry about it, I understand not feeling very cheerful…

    1. Maybe I should start collecting recent poems for a new book edition and look over some that I rejected for the last one. A paper one with everything would be gigantic, but an e-book version could be any length.

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