Guest Poet, Margaret Novak: “Fluffy Is The Day” (tentative title)

Fluffy Is The Day

I roam with you, take your hand
desire in my inner thighs has me
sighing by the fountain. Splash my soul,

Honey-Sweet with liquid soul
that flows from the mountain
into the pool of my melt

I give you my inner thigh; lend me
your inner tongue
that speaks the truth
of our mandalas seen

touching the sky and I am in the clouds. Be
fluffy my love but bare
your bear too in your thunder, and

I will rain on you
as sure as we are stormy together
in the swirls that dance us to heaven.

A lightning kiss gives spark to this day
with kindle on the ground. Can you
land us and make fire?

I know you can. Laugh with me
in this last flickering day to cook, to feast
until we are sated to talk, to sing our opera. Ha!

— Margaret Novak




Come sing me now that I know you
and let our duet be pure, because

I’ve thought it over, and
the trills of you
thrill me, and you

come on me like
I could be home
with you in your bosom

and you would
let me stand tall.

— Douglas Gilbert



You came upon me
with a gush and a smile

Tell me how you
were the wind
and how you found me

You blew me
the kiss of the wind

And we have spoken, and
yet you don’t mind me.

I like your cute face
when you animate passion

and every piece of joy is you
like a sweet pie, and I

want to eat you gently

Gentle as the wind
I love your skin

Softly I wander
I wonder, sometimes
thinking, and lust times not
because I like your cute face

Softly I wander in you
and I remember
every word we have
ever spoken, because

I like the sound of you
and your cute face

— Douglas Gilbert